1. NeoGandhian brings together the needy and the concerned and helps ameliorate suffering.
2. NeoGandhian helps in incubating start up NGOs.
There are many individuals in India who need help, and there are many individuals who are concerned and are interested in extending help. NeoGandhian provides the necessary platforms for volunteers who are interested in helping the needy by extending financial help or volunteering services. For example there are large number of women who suffer domestic violence. Ms. Barkha Bajaj, was desirous of helping the victims. NeoGandhian Aid Organizations helped Ms. Barkha Bajaj set up Aks Foundation under the charitable societies act and incubated Aks Foundation in its initial days by providing financial and administrative support.
Similarly a group of citizens living in North Mumbai were desirous of initiating Rehabilitation of Rivers in Mumbai. NeoGandhian Aid Organizations India helped them in their initiatives for conduct of an event called “RIVER MARCH”.